tile.flip() is a puzzle game, inspired by Minesweeper. Click on tiles to flip them, but tiles also flip some of their adjacent tiles. Your goal is to flip every tile over to the black side, unless that tile is a bomb. Flipping over a bomb will result in "game over." Try to complete each puzzle as quickly as possible.


I tried to think of games that already exist and are both simple and fit the theme. Minesweeper came to mind because starting with no information about the puzzle leads to an interesting randomness in your starting position. I tried to replicate that randomness that originates from a lack of information with tile.flip().


Just click on the white square to begin the game. There is not in game tutorial because (i) I didn't have time and (ii) I tried to make the game simple enough that people can figure it out quickly on their own.


tile.flip 14 MB
tile.flip.apk 22 MB
Download 4 kB

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