1. Stupid me didn't realize there was a theme for the GMTKjam. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it anyway.
  2. Download the Windows version for audio (the sfx probably won't work in Chrome)
  3. The game was designed for mobile portrait and I didn't have time to rework the UI, so the windows version is set to Windowed 600x960 resolution. If your screen's too small, play the webgl version.
  4. To return to the menu after a game, press "escape"


Have you ever thought that match three games are too boring? Why not combine match three mechanics with a more complicated system for moving pieces around? Three Kings takes the movement mechanics of chess pieces and applies them to a match three game. Race against the clock to find matches and increase your score.


This game was made in around 24 hours for the GMTKjam. I've enjoyed playing the game so far, and so I hope to fix any bugs or design problems you find. So, please leave comments below for things I can improve on.

Install instructions

I always advice using the launcher to install games.


Three Kings 600x960 15 MB

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