This game was made for the xkcd game jam.

Build "space-faring ships" using balloons and other materials to help squirrels reach the sun.

This is the first post-jam version of the game. Since the game still does not have a proper tutorial, here is  a list of important things you should know before you play.:

The controls during flight can be seen by clicking the "Info" button.

In the ship constructor, the first object must be connected to the ground. All subsequent objects (excluding balloons) must be connected to a previous object.

Changes in version 1.3:

  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when a balloon was directly above whatever it was attached to.
  • Added indications for when the constructor is in string mode.
  • Added other ways of entering and exiting string mode.
  • Sped up RP gain.
  • Tied RP gain to highest altitude reached instead of current altitude.
  • Changed the bird mechanics so they move upwards at a speed similar to the squirrel


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you made no limit to how many parachutes you can have

pls make the tutorial video