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Nekota is looking for the perfect place to take a nap. Guided by a chicken named Hakatori, Nekota traverses treacherous terrain and fights/befriends/avoids various monsters.

Defeat monsters by jumping on their heads. Alternatively, give monsters their favorite items and they will no longer hurt you. Watch out for special monsters that will give presents back if you befriend them.

Developer's Goals

This is my first time making an actual platformer. I wanted to make it using the resolution of a gameboy with a very limited color palette. There are three downloadable versions of the game. One is a fixed 10:9 aspect ratio at a resolution of 800x720. One is a gameboy version with a resolution of 160x144. Finally, there is a version where you can set the resolution to whatever you want, note that I have not tested the ui on those settings and it will almost definitely be weird.


  • left and right arrows to move.
  • space to jump
  • up and down arrows to pick up items and throw them respectively.
  • e to talk/run


Nekota: the main character of the game. Either a cat or a tanuki--no one really knows.

Hakatori: Nekota's guide to the perfect napping spot. Just a talking chicken who sleeps a lot.

Hanamon: a walking flower. They like to be given water and hate being given flowers. Imagine if someone just gave you a human they cut the legs off of. They drop flowers when killed.

Ino: just a regular old boar. They like to be given flowers, which they wear on their heads. They aren't cannibals, so don't give them meat! To defeat them, let them charge at you, when they hit a wall, they'll be incapacitated.

Chouchin: a ghost lantern that hurls fireballs. VERY DANGEROUS! When they run out of fireballs they fly towards the player. Best to avoid them, but if you must befriend one, give it meat. Avoid giving them water, they hate it.

Shoes: get a nice pair of boots that will protect you from spikes.

Wings: get a pair of wings that will let you jump for longer.

Near Infinite Lives

If you click on the "の" symbol on the main menu, you will receive effectively infinite lives. This should help to overcome buggy colliders.

Known Issues

  1. Sometimes the lantern monsters will shoot a fireball that hits the player immediately, instead of arcing towards the player. This results in a loss of a life. It does not happen every time. For now, if it becomes too hard to pass through the area, try the many-lives cheat to get through the game.
  2. Some of the colliders, especially the boar's feel unfair. This is because even if the player lands on the top, assuming they landed pretty far to the sides as well, it will count it as a side hit instead of a top hit. For now, try to land as closely to the top middle as possible.
  3. The controls in the tutorial do not always show up. The game was tested with an xbox 360 controller. Try unplugging the controller and restarting the game to get the keyboard controls to show up.


NekotaNoHirune.zip 16 MB
Nekota_Gameboy.zip 16 MB
Nekota_FreeRes.zip 16 MB

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