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In Mary's Room you play as Mary, a woman trapped in an underground facility in a thought experiment gone wrong. She must find her way out by solving puzzles. The caveat is that she has lost all color vision. Mary must use a remote control to modify her color vision in order to solve puzzles. In addition to changing her visual perception, the remote can sample the color of objects it is pointed at.


Alpha 03
  • Added a tile flipping puzzle
Next Update (11/14ish)
  • Still need to add a way to leave the game :)

Install instructions

The easiest way to download and install the game is to use the itch.io app to install the game.

Otherwise, follow these instructions:

  1. Extract contents of folder
  2. Double click on "Mary's Room Alpha 01" executable file
    1. Your computer may flag it as a dangerous file, if it does, click "more info" and then "run anyway"


Mary's Room Alpha 03.zip 25 MB

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