In "It Must Be Fed" you play as an executioner tasked with sacrificing people to the god named ******. You must sacrifice one person per day. The story takes place through short dialogue snippets provided by the people being sacrificed, the executioner's family, and various members of the cult of ******.


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Hey! I love this game, but there's this weird bug that keeps me from being able to sacrifice the right person (or let's me pick a person not on the table to sacrifice instead). After some experimenting I figured out what it is. I also have footage of it if you'd like to see what happens.

The "So you think you can avoid the dagger of ******" bug

  • Allows me to kill any celled person regardless of who I choose
  • Gives me points regardless of the person dead
  • Allows me to put a child on the altar and kill an old person in their cell
  • Pops up sometimes at random
  • Messes with my score
  • Once the first half starts, I can't end the bug until I go through with it.

If I pick a person to sacrifice, say person A (with person B and person C being the other two options), wait for them to lay on the table, and then click Q or E the bug is triggered.  Sometimes, however, the bug just happens. I can't control who I want to kill until I kill one wrong person.

If I move so A is off screen, (soft load issue?) A will turn grey when I walk back to them.  If I move back to where the cell is, B and C will be selectable. One will be grey the other will be colored. If I click R while B or C is colored they will be sacrificed instead of A, with blood coming out of them as if they were the one on the table. Let's say I pick B next. The counter changes as if this person was the person on the table and I get the points for killing correctly or incorrectly. When I hit the lever, B disappears and A is still on the table.

A and C are considered still alive. If I walk back and forth between them I can see that they're switching between grey and colored. If I click R while A is colored, the bug is over and the game acts like normal. If I click while A is grey (and therefore C is colored), then C dies (with blood and everything on them). Pulling the lever causes C to disappear. At this point I can kill A normally.

At any point during this bug, after I've killed one person I can leave the room.

The "multiple people at once" bug

  • Causes some... Interesting game play bugs
  • Let's me change who I want to sacrifice
  • Allows me to sacrifice multiple people quicker than normal
  • Isn't as enventul or complicated as the first

Say I again want to sacrifice A. Well, if I wait till A is escorted to the altar, and then click the space bar again, whoever was "second" walks up to the altar.  Say it's B. After that, if I click space again, C lays down on the altar. This one isn't as eventful, but it allows me to sacrifice C, then B, then A while they're all laying on top of each other. Then I just click the lever in between and it's over. The bug doesn't end until at least person B is dead, but I can leave at any time afterwords.

The "Last minute murder" bug

  • Oops, forgot to kill little Timmy.
  • Allows me to pick another person to murder while leaving the room.
  • Gives me extra points at the end

Mix between the first two bugs, I can press space, get timmy on the table,  and while he's being escorted I can trigger the "****** is sated" conversation with the gaurd. He's usually far away from the altar, but when he moves the person to the table he's near by. Then it's just a thing o timing to grab the knife and click R.

Hope this helps you! I love this game, seriously it's great. Also, thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to keep my precious fire pot through everything. Family, friends, all that is nothing compared to ****** and my precious fire pot xD

- Maya


Thanks so much for the bug reports. This is fantastic! Once I get some time I'll go in and fix these along with adding more content.  

Thanks for playing!

Is there multiple endings? I keep trying to figure it out. The game seems a bit long and I keep eventually failing or having to leave the game.

Kind of. Excluding the result of angering the cult, the story takes place over 9 days.

1. You do everything you're told and your family lives and you just keep repeating the same activities after all of the special characters have come and gone.

2. You fail to do what you're told and you sacrifice one of your family members, at which point everything continues as usual just without family at home.

3. You turn on the cult leader and stab him, resulting in the player being sacrificed.