• Gamepad only. Probably only works properly with Xbox controller.
  • The bloody hand texture that should appear on the hands appears to be bugged. (Only the web version)
  • The web version of the game is a little laggy. Download the windows version for a better experience.


Arachnophobia is a horror game made for Jim Sterling's "Horrid Spider Contest" competition. It makes use of tons of pre-made assets in an effort to show that talent is an asset---that an interesting product can be made from pre-made assets.

With that idea in mind, I decided to work in an area I've never worked in before---3d. Because of the advantage given by using pre-made assets, I was able to put together a product in a short amount of time, even though I lacked experience in the area. For example, the pre-made hand assets let me learn a little bit about 3d animation---an incredibly difficult skill.

Competition Announcement


The game centers around a man working to finish some spreadsheets for his boss while all around him spiders gather.

The game is more of an interactive horror story with an emphasis on a feeling of growing dread.


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ur game sucks

Fuck you

Hey! I checked out your game, it was great! The spiders and weird face. Good luck on the VR game you're making!

Thanks for trying my game out!