Controls: wasd/arrow keys to move and 'space' to attack

Synced Warriors is a puzzle game where each button press controls all of the characters on the screen at the same time. The main feature of the game is that each character moves relative to the direction they are facing. This means that if you instruct the characters to move left, they do not move to the left relative to the camera. Instead, they move left relative to the direction they are facing. This makes for some interesting puzzle situations as you attempt to orchestrate a battle between the forces of red, blue, green, and yellow.

Current version: Beta 0.07

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements, please share them with me by posting a comment here or on the devlog. Your feedback is much appreciated.

The devlog is here:

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Published 13 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, puzzle, Voxel


by tallshrimp · 1 post
by tallshrimp · 1 post
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