A downloadable game for Windows

Warning: This is an alpha build that is both missing tons of content (including a tutorial to be uploaded 11/01/2018) and super buggy. I rewrote most of the code over the last week when I realized that the algorithm I was using to test the arguments given in the game was way too slow to handle and computer player.

If you want updates on the progress of the game make sure to follow my account.

In Mortal Logic, the goal is to drive your opponent into a contradiction by asking a series of yes or no questions. Each player takes a turn asking questions and a turn answering questions. If one player drives the other into a contradiction without being driven into one themselves, then they win.

For now, the game only allows categorical statements like "All corgis are dogs" or "Some corgis are not dogs." I hope to add propositional logic and predicate logic eventually.

Take on the role of a famous philosopher in a match of mortal logic against another philosopher.

Multiplayer is also coming soon when I decide on how I want to do the login system.

Install instructions

Best if you use the itch.io app to install and launch the game.


Mortal Logic a006.zip 14 MB